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Real-time high resolution solution dedicated to continental water monitoring
using drone-embedded altimetry

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What we do

Water sensor innovation

HyDrones water solution is based on an innovative remote sensing instrument used to perform high resolution real-time monitoring of hydrological areas.
On the fly data processing

Using fast deployment UAVs embedding HyDrones water solution, the HyDrones processing allows to deliver processed water data within a short time frame.
Cost-effective solution

The HyDrones service has been developed to propose a cost-effective water solution that can be easily and rapidly deployed on the end-users’areas of interest.
HyDrones data analysis

HyDrones measurements are post-processed to provide consistent water metrics through added-value products by merging information derived from multiple datasets
Scalable system

HyDrones is a versatile solution whose purpose is to meet specific end-user’s requirements. On demand fast data acquisition is thus possible, as well as offline long-term monitoring.
Data visualization

HyDrones products provide cross-platform services to meet customer expectations, associating creative design to water data visualization.